mahindra thar 500 launch date

The mahindra thar 500 door is a compact SUV which has been launched by the company. It is available in 5 different colours and it can be purchased at an affordable price range

The mahindra thar 500 door is a compact SUV which has been launched by the company. It is available in 5 different colours and it can be purchased at an affordable price range

mahindra thar 500 launch date


The mahindra thar 500 door is a compact SUV which has been launched by the company. It is available in 5 different colours and it can be purchased at an affordable price range. The car is powered by a 2.2 litre diesel engine which churns out 285 bhp of power along with 415 Nm of torque. This generates 400 Newton meters of torque at low RPMs which makes this vehicle perform well on highways or even on city roads as well due to its torquey nature!

mahindra thar 500 price in india

The Mahindra Thar 500 is the company's most affordable bike and it's also one of their most popular models.

The Thar has been in production since 2012 and has been sold around the world, including India. It's available in five colours: black, grey, silver and white with red accents on the side panels or black with red accents on both sides (the latter being called "silver-red"). All models come with a 150 cc engine which produces 10 bhp out of its 12 valves per cylinder pair at 7500 rpm; this gives you an output of 5.54 kilowatts (7000 Nm).

The Mahindra Thar 500 is a compact SUV that can be purchased in India. It is available as a two-wheeler or four-wheeler and has been manufactured since 2012 by the company that owns it, namely TVS Motors Ltd.

The car has been designed with an aim of providing customers with features that make their lives easier; for instance, this vehicle comes with a steering wheel made from leather material which helps you maintain control over your vehicle when driving through rough terrain such as sand or snow. This feature also helps prevent injuries from occurring while using the vehicle because your hands will not get stuck between any obstacles such as rocks or trees on roadsides during travel time

mahindra thar 500 full specification

Engine capacity


Transmission type: Automatic transmission, 4-wheel drive with low range gearbox and 5-speed manual gearbox transmission. The engine has a displacement of 492cc which produces maximum power at 10,000 rpm. Torque is calculated at 8.4Nm (78 lb ft). Vehicle Dimensions: Length mm: 1963; Width mm: 1714; Height mm: 1315 Ground clearance mm (without ground clearance) : 20 ; Fuel capacity litres : 11

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Mahindra Thar 500 Door Price in India 2022

The Mahindra Thar 500 is a small car that has been developed by the Indian automaker, Mahindra. It was launched in February 2019 and it has been available for sale since then. The car comes with some unique features such as:

  • Rear-view camera display on the windshield (standard feature)

  • Automatic headlight control system

  • Cruise control system

mahindra thar 500 colour

The Mahindra Thar 500 is available in 4 different colours: Carbon, White, Grey and Black. The colour options are not too limited but there are no clear or distinct advantages to any of them.

The price for each colour varies depending on the engine that you choose as well as its availability in your state/region. If you want an all-black Thar then it will cost more than one with a contrasting colour such as white or grey; however if you’re looking for a unique look then this could be worth paying extra for!

The seats on the Thar 500 are comfortable enough but they aren't adjustable so don't expect too much from them when it comes time to sit down after a long day out on the road!

mahindra thar 500 booking status

  • You can book the Mahindra Thar 500 on its official website.

  • The booking date of the Mahindra Thar 500 is December 15, 2022.

  • The booking date in Delhi is December 15, 2022.

  • You can book your car online by providing your personal information and credit card details if you want to pay in cash or debit card during booking process.* For easy payment method selection please go through our convenient payment methods page which has all possible options available for you to choose from.* All payments are accepted through our secure server which ensures privacy of your personal data at all times.* We keep track of all transactions made by us so that we can provide excellent customer service to our customers at any time even after purchase completion period ends.* Our team members always keep a track on their work performance so that they can improve themselves further whenever required

mahindra thar 500 door price in india waiting time

The waiting time for the Thar 500 is around 6-8 months. It's a very short period because Mahindra has already started assembling them in India and will soon start exporting them too.

One thing that you should know about the Mahindra Thar is that it’s not just an SUV but also a pickup truck with four-wheel drive capabilities. This means that if you want to use this vehicle as your personal transportation then it will serve your purpose well enough but if you want something more versatile like an off-road vehicle then we recommend sticking with SUVs instead as they offer better off road performance than anything else available today in India!

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Mahindra Thar is an Indian SUV model. It was launched in June 2019 and is available in two variants: THAR 500 and THAR 500+ with 1.5L Petrol engine, which can be tweaked to generate power up to 220 bhp. The vehicle has been designed keeping comfort & durability in mind, making it a family-friendly car with ample space for all passengers at the back seat or boot area.

The Mahindra Thar 500+ comes with dual airbags (front & rear), ABS/EBD/OTR & stability control system as standard features on board along with power windows/mirrors/seat adjustments & other basic things like audio controls on steering wheel etc..


As already mentioned, the Thar is a fairly nice car for its price. However, it certainly has some room for improvement. For one thing, it doesn't come with much cabin space; if you need more than two people in the front seat and three in the back, then this may not be ideal for you. There isn't much storage either; if you need to carry things around long distances then we recommend something else like Toyota Fortuner or Hyundai Grand i10 depending on your size preferences as well as budget constraints :-)